Prison Justice Network newsletter 2020 Winter

Click here for the PJN newsletter 2020 Winter – PDF file (19 pages)

Table Of Contents
Events, page 1
Calls, pages 2-6
News, pp. 7-14
Publications, 14-17
Rest In Power – R.I.P., 18
Inspiration, 18-19
March 15 (Sunday) Surrey (Central City) 2pm March and Rally Against Police Brutality, 1
March 15 (Sunday) Vancouver concert fundraiser for Chilean victims of police violence, 1
March 20 Edmonton “prison-related advocacy” by AB Prison Justice Society, 1
April 4, May 2, June 6 Vancouver prisoner letter writing event Spartacus Books, 1
April 6, May 4, June 8 Stark Raven radio 7-8pm Co-op Radio 100.5 FM, 1
Every Thursday “demand the release of Vaughn Prisoners into General Population!”, 1
Aug 21-Sep 9 organize to promote prisoners’ human rights, 2
write city council to stop facial recognition surveillance, 2
support land defenders, 3
prisoners’ free phone access, 3
justice for Kyaw Din, 3
support Santina Rao, 4
stop deportation of Celina Urbanowicz, 4
free Yasser Albaz, 4
solidarity with Haiti, 4
write Ramsey Orta, 4
support Dawna Brown, 5
intl solidarity with women and trans people against carceral system, 5
release jailed survivors of police torture, 5
overcome a challenge lately?, 6
Joint Effort film clips fundraiser by IWW, 7
future immigration prison in Surrey, 6
water protectors on Mi’kmaq territory, 6
women’s memorial march, 7
Moka Dawkins’ release from prison, 7
Secwepemc land defenders, 8
against Muskrat Falls dam on Inuit lands, 8
prisoners strike Clallam Bay prison in WA, 8
CPP divests from US detention corp.s, 8
onus on govt to justify migrant detention, 9
against new $242m Seattle youth jail, 9
BC CivilLibertiesAssn hires Harsha Walia, 10
Improve parole: ‘Bring Them All Home’, 10
Hong Kong prisoners make facemasks, 10
prisoners strike Santa Rita jail, 11
#CloseRikers turns No New Jails in NYC, 12
N. Carolina prisoners win better care, 12
Alabama prisoners against retaliations, 13
Florida: Juneteenth, lock-down GEO, 13
Mississippi: Freedom Letters, conf., 14
“community alternative to drug war”, 14
new migrant detention centre in Laval, 14
“Immigration Detention…Reality Check”, 14
Mexico “integrates” migrants, maquilas, 14
“Lessons from Prison” by Rita Wong, 15
Joint Effort on women in prisons, 15
Organizing Abolitionist Study in prison, 15
“How to abolish the Hong Kong police”, 16
against violence against women, Chile, 16
Jason Renard Walker’s Prison Journal, 16
“Invisible Chess” movie on J. Goudlock, 16
“Youth Experiences with Incarceration”, 16
Surveillance and Society special issue, 16
Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons, 17
Palestinian political prisoners’ education,17
“Imprisoned Body…Free Soul” student, 17
Palestinian stories behind the numbers, 17
R.I.P. – Rest In Power
Tom Manning, 18
Michele M, 18
Robert Seth Hayes, 18
Lina Ben Mhenni, 18
Jail Release Support Nights, 18-19