Prison Justice Network updates Spring 2020

Click here to read – inside: resources, calls to action, news, and inspiration in these covid19 times by, for, & with prisoners/detainees!
Table Of Contents
calls to action
number for people in Alouette to call, 1
Solidarity and Resource Exchange on the Coast Salish Lands, 1
Downtown Eastside and COVID-19, 1
WISH Drop In Centre, 1
STAND for Prison Justice: Students Taking A New Direction For Prison Justice, 1
Criminalizing the Marginalized can Worsen the Crisis, 2
Demand PM, MP, MLA de-carcerate
Land defenders continue, 3
Demand CBSA release detainees, 3
Stop the spread of racism, 3
Ask PM to add aid for vulnerable, 4
Denounce Colombian massacre, 4
Urge Turkey to release prisoners, 4
Release Palestinian child detainees, 4
Sign letter on prison imperialism, 4
Phone line for prisoners in Barton, 5
Map of covid19 behind bars, 5
Lockdown at FVI, 5 & Mission, 19
BC assessing early release, 6
Okanagan prisoner has covid19, 6
Kent in virtual lockdown, 7
UBCIC demands release, 7
news (continued)
Bowden lockdown, 8
Prince Albert IWC organizing, 8
Burnside prisoner interview, 8
CSC considering early release, 9
Calls for urgent decarceration, 9
Contain covid, not people video, 10
From Burnside to Laval, 10
Former detainee on Laval strike, 11
Canada shuts out refugees, 12
Can’t police way out of pandemic, 12
Detainees’ hunger strike in WA, 13-14
5 demands for federal prisons, 15
Prison strikes, 15
US federal prisons lockdown, 16
Nigeria groups demand release, 16
Iran release prompts analysis, 16
Contain covid19, not people, 17-18