newsletter (summer 2020)

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Table of Contents
Prison Justice Day Memorial Aug 10 (6-8pm) Trout Lake, Vancouver (Claire Culhane memorial bench), 1
Joy James (author of Resisting State Violence) talk July 30, 22
Stark Raven radio show Aug 3/Sept 7/Oct 5 (7-8pm), 2
phone number for people incarcerated in Alouette to call, 1
Coming Together Vancouver, 1
Downtown Eastside Response, 2
Who To Call Instead Of 911: BC Version, 25
calls to action
COVID 19 TV Donations, 1
Sign ‘Contain Covid-19, Not People’, 3
Defund the Vancouver Police, 3
Sign to ban police street checks in BC, 3
End policing in Vancouver schools, 3
Ban police use of facial recognition technology, 3
Support demands of Maplehurst (Milton) hunger strikers, 12
Demand status now for migrants, 3
Denounce tracking bracelets on migrants, 4
Sign to bring Abdulrahman home, 4
Support people in Kashmir including free all political prisoners, 4
Call for inquest into death at Mission from covid-19, 4
Lawsuit from Mission against CSC, 4
Lawsuit from Joliette against CSC, 4
Petition for Collins Bay release, 4
Prison Is A Death Sentence events, 5
Hunger strike Lindsay “super jail”, 5
Hunger strike OCDC in ON, 6
Migrant farmworkers, 5
US prisoners and COVID-19, 6
Hunger Strike at NWDC in WA, 6
AZ detainees file lawsuit, 6
Detainees strike against racism and abuses of healthcare, 7
WA farmworkers win strikes, 7
Noise demos at prisons, 8
Solidarity at Bordeaux, 9
Memorial at Bordeaux, 10
How Toronto Prisoners’ Rights Project grew to 56 people, 11
Decriminalize Seattle wins 50% cut to police budget, 12
P4W Memorial and art, 12
We Can’t Police the Pandemic dialogue videos, 13
Webinar videos, 14-16
Defunding Police and Prisons
A Wall is Just a Wall: Open Mic
Prison Is A Death Sentence
Indigenous Knowledge & Abolition
Supporting Those Left Inside
Censorship in Prisons webinar video
Black Liberation and Prison Abolition webinar video
Learning Together (while staying apart): Online Events video links
Decarceration from the US to Palestine
Abolition Can’t Wait: An Online Teach-in with #8toAbolition
A Stronger Desire to Live: PEN Prison Writing
Celebrating Juneteenth with Critical Resistance
The Fire This Time: The New Uprising Against Racism and Police Violence
with Marc Lamont Hill and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Abolish ICE is Not Just a Slogan: Immigrant Justice in the Age of
Coronavirus with John Washington and Justin Akers Chacón
Mutual Aid: Building Communities of Care During Crisis and Beyond with Mariame Kaba and more
On the Road with Abolition
Ruthie Wilson Gilmore with Naomi Murakawa
Sick of the System – new Ebook
Never Go Back to Normal by Michigan Abolition and Prisoner Solidarity, 17
Pandemic and prison in WA, 18
Defund police in “Canada”, 18-19
How to Support Harm Doers in Being Accountable video, 19
#DefundPolice Toolkit
Cancel Canada Day video with Idle No More, 22
Canada Day What? Fighting Colonialism & Anti-Black Racism, speakers Eriel Tchekwie Deranger (Indigenous Climate Action) and El Jones (Black Power Hour, 22
Uprising for Black Lives video, 20
Ruth Wilson Gilmore, 20
Solutions are with us, 21
Black political prisoners in US, 21
Fire This Time video with Angela Y. Davis, Herman Gray, Gaye Theresa
Johnson, Robin D.G. Kelley, and Josh Kun, 22
Storming migrant detention, 22
Border militarization video, 22
Black Lives Matter in prison, 23-24