Prison Justice Network newsletter 2019 Winter

Mar 27 (1-4pm) Prison Justice symposium KPU Surrey, page 1
until Mar 24 (Tues-Sun) Triangle Trade Surrey Art Gallery, p. 1
April 1, May 6, Jun 3 (7-8pm) Stark Raven co-op radio 100.5fm, p. 1
April 6, May 4, Jun 1 (3-5pm) Prisoner Letter Writing Spartacus Books, p. 1

Sign Justice for Soleiman petition, p. 2
Write to immigrant detainee, p. 3
Sign Detained Migrant Solidarity petition, p. 3
Help launch investigation of prison abuses, pp. 3-4

2018 New Year’s Eve Noise Demo, p. 4
Prison volunteers’ security checks, p. 4
2018 Prison Strike, p. 4

Cell Count health and harm reduction, p. 5
Penal Press, including Out of Bounds, p. 5
Chronicle of prisoner unrest, p. 5
Voices: Indigenous Women on the Front, p. 5
Mandu Ra comics, p. 6
The Opening Statement, p. 6

Joint Effort with women prisoners, p. 6
PASAN health and harm reduction, p. 6
Stop the Laval migrant prison, p. 7
Afronautic Research Lab, p. 7
Black Prisoners’ Caucus, T.E.A.C.H., pp. 7-8
Incarcerated Workers Organizing, p. 7
Human Rights Coalition, p. 8
Planting Justice, Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, 8
Prison Lives Matter, p. 8
Survived & Punished, pp. 8-9
“In The Spirit Of Nelson Mandela”, p. 9
People’s Prison Defense Committee, p. 9
Lucasville Amnesty, p. 9
CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, p. 10
Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, p. 10
Lifers With Optimistic Progress, p. 10